Let’s Strategize!

Need help creating words that connect and sell? Let’s meet one-on-one to discuss your needs, form a plan, and nail out all details and expectations. Inspiring your audience and improving your online reach is our ultimate goal.

Contact me here to set up your 30-minute discovery call! But don’t worry. This call is completely free.

Following our call, you’ll receive a written proposal with rates included. Because let’s be honest. You want to know how much it will cost, right? I completely get that. Check out a preview of our rates for some of our services below.

Services We Offer

Creative Content & Copywriting Services

Some services we offer include:

Content Strategy Session$45 per hour

After the initial 30-minute complimentary consultation, you may book additional monthly or quarterly consultation sessions for strategizing your goals and outlining your mission in reaching your audience.

Blog Posts & Management

  • Single SEO-optimized Post: 500-1200 words, with or without graphic image, formatted and ready for you to post to your blog: $300 per post
  • Single SEO-optimized Post: 1200-2400 words, with or without graphic image, formatted and ready for you to post to your blog: $450 per post
  • We provide you with a set number of SEO-optimized blog posts per month. You can provide the topic and proposed keywords or we can strategize an outline together. Longer articles will increase in price.
  • Set you up with email alerts for new content inspiration.
  • Content Repurposing
    • You provide one piece of content on a topic each week (from your Facebook Live, podcast, article, etc.) We repurpose the material into an SEO-optimized blog post.
    • You provide a topic with a short summary of your material. We’ll provide one SEO-optimized blog post.
  • Copywriting
    • Copy for your website, ebook, author page, courses, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Email Sequences 


Project & Research rates: $45 per hour

We can also discuss your unique needs and offer a project price as well. 

Not-to-be-exceeded budget: This allows you to put a not-to-be-exceeded cap on the hours invoiced. This way you know exactly how much you’ll spend each month. I will reach out to you to discuss options if we near your cap before the end of the month. 

Rates are non-negotiable. Rush service or weekend work rates increase in price. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to me for rates for your unique project!

Invoicing and Payment

Invoices are sent out on the first of each month for services provided in the previous month. A 50% deposit is required on the first invoice based on the estimated cost. The balance of the first invoice will be created upon the first of the following month. Accounts not paid in full by the due date of the invoice are subject to a .5% monthly finance charge.

Payment: PayPal is accepted for all services.

Let’s discuss how working together saves you time, increases your reach, markets your brand, and strengthens the foundation of your business. My job is to give you the peace of mind you need amidst all that’s on your to-do list.