Meet Rae Lynn,
Creative Content Creator & Copywriter

Owner and creator of Creative VA Studio.

A Little About Me

Hey there friend. My name is Rae Lynn, owner and creator of Creative VA Studio. It’s a one-stop-shop for female entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to get the most out of their marketing efforts with their content and copy, but don’t have the time.

Clients come to me for blog creation, content repurposing, or writing creative content and copy. I help women by providing SEO-optimized blogs and creating research-based content. I use carefully crafted copy that markets your message. 

I give you the expertise of a virtual assistant and the knowledge of an entrepreneur with a background in education. In addition, I provide the creativity of words, with experience in blogging and a love of photography.

My Journey 

Beginnings have a way of signaling your story. Well, mine was always infused with words. 

In a family of educators and avid readers, I grew up relishing every piece of literature I could get my hands on, from “All the Place to Love” to the “Little House” books and beyond.

Stories have been a lifelong love of mine. I have a passion for writing and helping others learn and grow. 

My various stops in life such as: educator + photographer + writer + entrepreneur + mom have all allowed me to accrue the knowledge needed to aid in building my business and crafting my art. 

This ultimately shapes my clients’ work and shares their stories. Writing is a magical way to accomplish that and embark on life-changing connections.

Writing Services 

My job is to connect you to your audience. I dive deep into your field and craft the words to share your story. 

I’ve been privileged to share others’ stories as a writer for Boyd Street Magazine and 19th Street Magazine, and for Hazwoper Center. In addition, I have a travel blog at Naturally Oklahoma and a photography blog at RL Photography & Design, to name a few.

Why Me 

I love learning and growing, plain and simple. Each client presents a new set of needs I’m happy to strategically work with.

Helping an entrepreneur, speaker, or coach find their unique voice to reach their people… I’m head over heels in. 

I have a knack for loving variety.  I listen with my whole heart and intently focus on whatever is before me. 

My years of life and work experience + training as an Expert VA®  have prepared me to guide you in casting your call.

Fun Tidbits  

Three fun facts about me:

  1. I live on a small farm in Oklahoma with my adventurous husband, teenage children, quirky chickens, and a rowdy puppy.
  2. In my free time, you can typically find me eating chocolate chip cookies, reading a book, or living life outdoors. 
  3. I love to travel near and far, any chance I get! The world is too full of wondrous locations. Banff & Italy have been personal favorites as of yet.

Creative VA family farm

Ready to have your own success story similar to my clients? 

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